The 19th Annual Pamplin Leadership Development Conference was on January 27, 2018 at the German Club Manor at Virginia Tech. It comprised of the attendees, recruiters, business professionals, and the Pamplin Leadership Development Team led by Dr. Carlson. Some of the companies in attendance were KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, EY, Grant Thornton, DHG, Target, and Capital One. Keynote Speaker, Yusuf Abugideiri gave an inspiring speech on building a powerful career despite roadblocks.


Networking Opportunity

The Pamplin Leadership Development Conference is made up of motivated students who yearn to know more about how to advance their careers. The 19th Conference was nothing short of a unique opportunity to talk to recruiters, network with professionals, and learn more about how to improve the trajectory of one’s career. A huge part of the conference was about providing students with a smaller scale opportunity to network with professionals, helping students create personal links with established professionals in the industry.


Keynote Speaker: Yusuf Abugideiri

Yusuf Abugideiri is one of the most esteemed financial planners in the industry, winning multiple awards and titles. He also happens to be a Pamplin Alum! He gave a powerful speech about his victories and struggles, all of which that made him as successful as he is today.


Presentations & Workshops

Companies like DHG and EY had the opportunity to give presentations about personal branding, resume and interview tips, and professionalism. Other companies like Target and Capital One gave workshops on giving and receiving feedback and conducting case interviews. Students had the choice to choose between several workshops that best suited their needs and interests.