The Pamplin Leadership Development Team (PLDT) is comprised of 21 student leaders and our faculty adviser Dr. Kimberly Carlson. The team is organized into 5 committees (Education, Corporate Relations, Public Relations, Materials, and Hospitality). PLDT works together each year to organize and coordinate the Pamplin Student Leadership Conference. We aim to bring together the strongest academic minds and best personalities to interact with industry leaders and learn from their experience as professionals in their respective fields. As a team, we also seek to enhance team members’ leadership skills, teamwork, and individual work. We are dedicated to leadership education and experience on our campus as well as within our team. In addition to organizing the Pamplin Student Leadership Conference, LDT members participate in events every year that give back to the Blacksburg and Virginia Tech Community. This year, we will be going to local high schools to present workshops through our Education Committee.