Committee Descriptions

The Pamplin Leadership Development Team (PLDT) is made up of 5 committees. Below, you will see the descriptions and main point of contact for each committee. 

Corporate Relations Committee

VP: Ben Kennedy


The Corporate Relations Committee (CR) acts as the liaison between our corporate sponsors and PLDT. CR members are responsible for finding the contact information of potential sponsors, securing sponsorships, and communications prior to the conference. Ideal members of CR are punctual, can act in a professional manner, and have strong written communication skills. We offer a great opportunity to build relationships with recruiters.

Education Committee

VP: Emma Saunders


This is a new committee that is going to be going to local high schools around the area to talk to them about various topics. We are going to help students with their resumes and be a face for the Pamplin College of Business and Virginia Tech. Student will also get the chance to interact with us and we can answer any questions they might have about college. Since this is a new committee and we do not have all the details laid out, each member input will be greatly valued.

Hospitality Committee

VP: James Perriello


The Hospitality Committee oversees the hospitality and catering needs of the conference as well as organizes team activities throughout the year such workshops and dinners.  A few of our big responsibilities regarding the conference are reserving the venue, picking caterers for the meals, and providing thank you gifts for the employers and speakers that attend.  We often help other committees and have a variety of other smaller tasks in preparation for the conference.  We feel that a tight-knit team works better together and organizing team activities is an important and fun aspect of the committee.    

Materials Committee

VP: Jisoo Lee


The Materials Committee is responsible for creating the content that goes in the conference binder and developing and distributing conference materials (name tags, signs, binder, etc) while working closely with other team members. We're also accountable for the PLDT website and the new graphics we'll use for the upcoming conference. This year, we'll lay emphasis on improving and redeveloping the website. Overall, we'll be working together to help other committees wherever needed, and improve on making conference materials the best that they can be. 

Public Relations Committee

VP: Carolyn Dixon


The Public Relations Committee is responsible for the marketing efforts of our team. We utilize social media, businfo, and other platforms to reach students and encourage them to apply for the Annual Leadership Conference. As a member of the PR Committee you will be in charge of a social media platform where you will write copy and make engaging posts, you will also help brainstorm other ways that we can reach students in Pamplin and highlight this year’s 20th anniversary of our conference.