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Our Executive Board Members


Faiza Bari

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Sarah Nugent

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Jolene Ghosh

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Co-Director of Public Relations and Materials


Ansh Suchdeve

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Director of Finance


Himani Dittakavi

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Director of Outreach


Chloe Davis

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Director of Hospitality


Najla Ali

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Director of Corporate Relations


The Co-Presidents of PLDT oversee all committees, tasks, communication, and planning. Working throughout the year and holding each member accountable, the presidents keep the team motivated and engaged with all Virginia Tech students and sponsors. It is important that this position is always managed by someone with drive and passion for PLDT!


Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations Committee (CR) acts as the liaison between our corporate sponsors and PLDT. CR committee members are responsible for finding the contact information of potential company sponsors, securing sponsors, and communicating with them prior to the conference. Ideal members of CR are punctual, professional, and strong communicators. We offer a great opportunity to build relationships with recruiters.

Education & Outreach

The Education & Outreach Committee was created to reach out to the local community through initiatives that align with leadership development. The committee works with several Virginia Tech Learning Living Communities (LLCs) to host professional development and leadership workshops and represents Pamplin College of Business at local high schools by talking to classes about college and career-related topics. 


The Hospitality Committee oversees the hospitality and catering needs of the conference and organizes team activities throughout the year. The committee is responsible for securing the conference venue, catering, and thank you gifts for the employers and speakers that attend. We hope to organize team-building activities this year along with an event with Pamplin Leadership Development Team alumni.

Public Relations & Materials

The Public Relations & Materials Committee is responsible for the team’s marketing and content efforts. We utilize Canva, Wix, Mailchimp, Photopea, and other platforms to create content for our conference, workshops, and team brand. We work heavily in the fall semester to reach students through social media and campus marketing efforts to encourage them to apply to the conference. Members are in charge of creating engaging posts for our social media platforms, developing the conference booklet, and maintaining the PLDT website.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is in charge of maintaining the budget throughout the year for PLDT. With each committee spending allocated amounts of money on various projects and materials, this committee must use lots of organization to keep up with the spending and costs. Company sponsorships are a big way to cover fees for the team and the annual conferences, finance oversees all donations and any other monetary contributions. Working year-round for the team, the finance committee makes sure events, materials and conference costs are covered.

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